Astonishing Uses of Outdoor Storage Buildings

Outdoor storage sheds mean different things depending on where you live and what you do. These were placed in the yard for whatever items that no longer fitted in the garage. Or better yet, outdoor storage sheds was your garage depending on its size.

Types of Outdoor Storage Sheds:

  • Aluminium sided
  • Gambrel
  • Mono sloped
  • Hip-roofed
  • Oddly scaled units

Uses of Outdoor Storage Sheds

  • All those mentioned above were designed to be temporary storage buildings, that housed items for a time, in theory, until you could build a bigger garage or move to a home that had that second or third garage to put those items in.
  • Lawnmowers, snowblowers, shovels and rakes, to mention a few items, found their way into one of these structures.
  • It gave more room for the cars and bikes that garages were meant for in the first place.

Why Do We Need Outdoor Storage Sheds?

The real problem is our insatiable need for more stuff; items that are designed to make our lives either better or easier or both. It’s not our fault, and we are fed a constant barrage of things that we “must-have” either to fit in or stand out.

The shovel became a snowblower, the rake became the leaf blower, the lawn clippers became the edger and grass/weed trimmer; you get the idea. And let’s face it, we did not get rid of our shovels, rakes and clippers, we just moved them. They are for the “detail” work. We’re not getting rid of anything, so we need room for it.

Our active lifestyles also contribute to our need for more storage space. I’ve already mentioned bikes, but that’s just the start. Bikes, kayaks, paddleboards all need space and racks; skis need car top carriers. Space!

Luckily in our quest for more room, we’ve decided that using a space for more than one use is the key. It simultaneously allows for the extra stuff for the garage, while helping to satisfy our growing need for entertainment, office space, guest housing, multi-generational living or a quiet area to relax.

How Outdoor Storage Sheds Have Evolved?

Outdoor Storage Buildings have arrived taking their place in the evolution of storage structure history and rewriting the rules for how and why we can use them.

Tiny homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan have been talked about a great deal in the last two years. The tiny home movement has begun to gain acceptance in the public eye, even if municipalities are lagging a bit.

What is a Tiny Home?

A tiny home can itself be a place for storage, that concept might be counter-intuitive, but the world of small homes or small homes can be incorporated into some of the outdoor storage you may be seeking. Following close behind in interest is container homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

With sustainability and recycling of products at the forefront of people’s minds, reuse of shipping containers has moved from the fringes of our country to main street middle America as viable options for homes, retail, cabins, pool houses, construction job trailers, home offices and “she” shed.

Municipalities are using different types of storage units for a multitude of things. On rivers, they’re using shipping containers for kayak liveries, bike rental spaces and restrooms.

Storage has a new look, and it can be chic as well as rustic it can be metal or wood. It can be small or large, single or multiple uses. Don’t be afraid to make it unique make the rules your own to break.

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