We will be taking note of your wants, needs, scope of project and where do you want to go from there. Most of the time will be devoted to design and conceptualization to build a better foundation and achieve the desired outcome.


The sketches are carefully designed and made by our engineering team. All the mechanisms needed when it comes to planning are structured properly to make sure that everything will go well.


All the plans made at the planning stage are passed on to an expert team. This is where we execute steel modification and make sure that all the structured are detailed accordingly.


When it comes to grinding, metal finish and painting, our inspection team is amazing in handling all these to make sure we have a perfect finish for everything. Trust that we are doing our best to meet your needs!


Our delivery is self-performed and contracted. We have boom and crane capabilities that makes sure all the installations are done perfectly. The leveling and setup will be perfect as planned from the beginning!

Portable office and Storage Buildings

This is How We Work!

We will deliver excellence in every phase of your project, from design to delivery. Starting with your ideas and vision, our design build team works with you to plan and streamline the design and construction process to deliver your finished product. Our efficient construction process will be guided by our creative team, working seamlessly to convert your ideas into reality. Planning and modification are key to bringing your shipping container modification vision into reality. Finishing the construction process includes careful consideration of the installation of your project. Blox precise execution, guaranteed by the professional quality evident in design, planning, building and delivering, is our firm commitment to our clients.