Shipping Container Rentals Grand Rapids

Maybe you have an entertainment or business need for space that can serve, and rental may be the best answer! And in your budget! Perhaps you are looking for a unique space to work in for your company’s corporate functions, or space for an entertainment center for a graduation party or wedding? Blox has the custom solution for you! Blox offers either short term or long-term lease variations, with flexible terms, and is pleased to offer leases in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area.

Blox Rental also offers the same ability to customize your shipping container modification to your needs. Putting your vision into reality is what we do, and we will work with you on your specific needs. You can contact us at 616-888-3880 or request a quote from one of our container specialists. We can explore options and pricing to suit your specifications, and start the process of customizing your shipping container modification vision!

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