Tiny Homes In Grand Rapids Mi

Everyone dreams of having a little extra space for themselves. A place where you can spend time alone, with family or entertaining friends. A place you can call home or your home away from home. A simple yet comfortable and cozy type of home. Blox is here to end your search for tiny homes in grand rapids mi.

Over the years, Blox has been working on different residential homes, be it a convertible one, or a permanent one. These types of homes are ideal for minimalists. Who says that your dream tiny homes in grand rapids mi should be expensive?

With your creative vision and our knowledge and expertise, together we can realize your perfect design. You want to add doors or windows or need a staircase, simple enough. And talk about environmentally friendly, you are helping the environment by recycling and repurposing a shipping container. You can find tiny houses for sale in grand rapids mi on Got Blox.

If you are looking for a shipping container company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blox is the company to build your tiny homes for sale in grand rapids mi. We are focused on using shipping containers to help solve your construction, storage, display and living environment problems; while utilizing a resource that is too often overlooked. Because at Blox, we build your dream! Call us today at (616-888-3880) or request a quote.

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