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Container Modification and Outdoor Storage Building Company

Complete Unique Built Environment

Blox takes a unique approach to the design-build process. Our approach brings together the ideas and talent of our clients, architects, and contractors to produce a shipping container modification for your residential, commercial or entertainment needs! Our design-build process starts with the team we have built to ensure the success of your project, whether it’s a tiny house, cabin, construction office, or any other need you envision. Our designs include Outdoor storage buildings, Temporary storage buildings, and Storage building rental in grand rapids MI. As a company, we will earn and keep your trust with our fast-tracked, streamlined processes that we deliver – and within a time-frame and budget that will keep you smiling!

Shipping container modification is something anyone would love to have. A shipping container is a best and affordable alternative to constructing a traditional one. If you are looking to build a new Outdoor, Temporary or Storage building rental in grand rapids MI then you have to consider multiple factors like size, cost, color, and style. Blox makes it easier for you to make the right choice and deliver what is promised. Outdoor, Temporary, and Storage building rentals in grand rapids MI can be creatively used for multiple purposes.




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