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Shipping Container Facts

Blox is Michigan's trusted leader in container construction.
  • Standard shipping container sizes are 20 or 40 feet in length and 8 feet in width.
  • There are standard ceiling heights of 8' high and high cube containers with heights of 9'.
  • Most containers are made of corten steel which is designed to help scrapes, dings and dents better withstand the weather by forming a "protective" layer of hard rust.
  • The reason shipping container walls are corrugated is to make them stronger. The 14-gauge steel walls give the container stacking strength.
  • Shipping Container floors vary somewhat, although most new Simple Box containers feature an inch and a quarter plywood or bamboo floor. Many newer containers are built with Eco-friendly flooring using quickly renewable and sustainable resources. Older containers may have a combination of marine-grade plywood and steel flooring
  • Two full-width cargo doors provide a large opening on one end of container. A thick rubber gasket that goes around both cargo doors, sealing the opening tightly and keeping elements out. For containers being used for storage at a home or job site, the thick rubber door seal also means your Shipping Containers is rodent-proof and much more secure from critters than a shed would be.
Blox employee setting the shipping container foundation

One-Trip Containers

A one-trip container is a container that was manufactured overseas filled with goods and then shipped to North America with the intent of being sold right away as a almost "new" container.

Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo worthy containers are used containers that must meet standards of structural strength, must be wind and water-tight, and contain all of the proper markings in order to be certified for export use.
Blox employee welding shipping container
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